Play to learn: interactive experiences in education

One perennial question that educators ask themselves is ‘what is the best way to engage my students’? Increasingly, students are expected to be active participants rather than passive consumers of content. The switch to remote online learning has further exacerbated the need for educators to find more innovative ways of presenting their material. Face toContinue reading “Play to learn: interactive experiences in education”

One studio fits all: a Q&A with educational media innovators

Self-recording studios come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as setting up a webcam in your bedroom or sophisticated as soundproofing an entire floor, depending on your budget and needs. But where can you find a private space that lets you record videos without compromising on either quality or convenience? EnterContinue reading “One studio fits all: a Q&A with educational media innovators”

Making media more accessible

Educators are already time-poor. Making multimedia content on top of preparing lectures and marking assignments can feel not only burdensome but alien (Britton, et al., 2020; Cerimagic, 2021) Thankfully, new technologies are making the media production process more accessible, cheaper, and faster. Nowadays, almost anyone can record a video using a smartphone or create aContinue reading “Making media more accessible”