Dynamic Pictures to Support Learning in Business Analytics

The recent move to online learning prompted academics teaching business analytics to find ways of explaining concepts that maintained some of the advantages of face-to-face teaching and learning. This included inventive ways of rigging up iPads and WACOM tablets to serve as digital whiteboards – to demonstrate analytical tools or to step through or annotateContinue reading “Dynamic Pictures to Support Learning in Business Analytics”

Connect:In workshops

This pattern is concerned with connecting and engaging stakeholders such as teachers, students, educational developers, learning designers, and industry partners in the process of course design. This is achieved through a Connect:In workshop where participants share perspectives and feedback and collaboratively ideate potential solutions to educational challenges.

A Musical Lens on Hybrid Learning

What does music have to do with education? And how might it help us come up with new approaches to thinking about our practice as teachers? While they may look a little different in practice, music and education have many parameters in common. These include duration, pace, dynamics, silence, proximity and gesture, to name aContinue reading “A Musical Lens on Hybrid Learning”

Scaling up: Learning space design to support large (inter)active workshops

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the way space is used in education, forcing educators to innovatively support learning in a range of hybrid spaces that seek greater integration of the physical and virtual, or bring the relational more fully into online settings. Supporting this range of modes at scale presents challenges in terms of equityContinue reading “Scaling up: Learning space design to support large (inter)active workshops”

Design patterns for Connected Learning at Scale

Now more than ever, we need to find ways to keep students connected – connected to each other, their teachers, industry and society. The move to online and remote teaching in recent times has highlighted just how important this is. And the challenge increases when we add scale to the mix! How can these connectionsContinue reading “Design patterns for Connected Learning at Scale”

Where is every body? Towards embodied practice in teaching development

How do you learn to teach? The quality of professional development programs for tutors in higher education can have a significant impact on their experience of teaching, as well as their students’ learning. But how do people really learn to teach? What has helped you in your practice? Observing or getting feedback from peers? ReadingContinue reading “Where is every body? Towards embodied practice in teaching development”