The classroom is a living community

Business Co-Design’s student intern, Sydney Haddad, sat down to speak with the latest winner of the Wayne Lonergan Award for Outstanding Teaching. This annual award recognises excellence, innovation and impact in teaching and learning at the University of Sydney Business School. Sydney talked with the inspiring Corina Raduescu from the Business Information Systems discipline aboutContinue reading “The classroom is a living community”

Our Place Live – Research Connections

Research Connections is part of the Business School’s globally innovative program, Leading in a Post-Crisis World, designed to inspire and develop the future leaders of a post-crisis society. Research Connections was launched in February 2020 as a joint initiative from the University of Sydney Business School’s Student Life and Education portfolios in order to showcase innovative research to ourContinue reading “Our Place Live – Research Connections”

A Learning & Teaching Transformation Project

Connected Learning at Scale (CLaS) is a Business School strategic priority that aims to transform the teaching and learning experience in our large cohort units. The project is led by Associate Professor Peter Bryant and his recent blog post series introduces his philosophical reasoning and the complex ecosystem underpinning the project’s design. The Business Co-designContinue reading “A Learning & Teaching Transformation Project”

Bringing AI Into the Audit Classroom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping how we live, work, and even learn. Most of us are familiar with AI via chatbots imitating human-like conversations – think Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant technologies. In the audit profession, AI often incorporates technologies such as data mining, machine learning, and natural processing language. However, what remains unfamiliar toContinue reading “Bringing AI Into the Audit Classroom”

Transforming Business Education Through Connected Learning – Part 2

Part 1 of this blog series posed several critical questions for business educators: How do designers and educators move away from the didactic pedagogies that teaching-at-scale can privilege and towards a more social, connected pedagogy? How do we design an education that counters the pedagogical influence of institutional space, systems, and expectations that ‘rust on’Continue reading “Transforming Business Education Through Connected Learning – Part 2”

Up to 80% of Uni Students Don’t Read Their Assigned Readings

University course readings are pivotal to advance student knowledge and prepare them for class discussions. Despite this, only 20-30% of students read the assigned materials. Drawing on research findings that help explain this alarmingly low rate, this article offers some strategies to help students engage with their required readings. Over the past two decades educatorsContinue reading “Up to 80% of Uni Students Don’t Read Their Assigned Readings”

Transforming Business Education Through Connected Learning – Part 1

In both campus and online environments, the massification of business education has privileged didactic forms of teaching (Hornsby and Osman, 2014), both for the economies of scale they generate (magnification) and their capability to be repeated at scale to ever increasing cohort sizes (multiplication). The deployment of didactic teaching and learning through pedagogical approaches suchContinue reading “Transforming Business Education Through Connected Learning – Part 1”

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Maximizing the Value of Data in Educational Research 

I have lost count of the number of times I heard the term ‘Zoom fatigue’ last year, but despite its prevalence, we tend not to discuss ‘survey fatigue’. Students in higher education have long been prone to survey fatigue as they are a sought-after group of research participants (Maineri & Can Mol, 2021). Van Mol (2017) reported that in 2014, on average students at a UniversityContinue reading “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Maximizing the Value of Data in Educational Research “

This is Serious – Humour Enhances Learning

Making your students laugh can help you get your message across in a way that means they may not even realise they’re learning something! There are some non-threatening ways that even the most serious of educators can find their funny. Why use humour in your teaching? There’s quite a bit of evidence that supports theContinue reading “This is Serious – Humour Enhances Learning”

2021: Our Top Ten Blog Posts

2021, what a year! Lockdown was tough for higher education and we missed seeing our students. One bright spot has been the stories our colleagues have shared with us. Here’s a fond look back at our top ten blog posts since we launched this blog in April 2021. # 10 Python in Education Coding inContinue reading “2021: Our Top Ten Blog Posts”

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