Learning Design for Statistics

How do you produce thorough, engaging online modules for a first-year introductory statistics unit? Planning and a shared approach helps, as does a considered approach to technology. Introduction BUSS1020 Quantitative Business Analysis is a core first year unit, offered in the University of Sydney Business School’s, Business Analytics discipline – delivered across 13 weeks. TheseContinue reading “Learning Design for Statistics”

Giving Voice to Stakeholders in Learning Analytics Design

With the rapid growth of Learning Analytics as an applied research field and commercial market, we’re also seeing systems failing to make the impact hoped for. Not surprisingly, it turns out that data scientists and programmers don’t necessarily understand educators’ and learners’ needs, or how they will use software. This sparked a growing recognition thatContinue reading “Giving Voice to Stakeholders in Learning Analytics Design”

Designing Your Lecture for the 2021 World (and Beyond)

The move to online learning and the subsequent impacts of our opportunities to teach at scale in large rooms has seen many academics rethinking the nature of the lecture. Lectures have moved from the physical to the virtual, with a camera on a tripod replacing the lectern and gallery view replacing the faces of peopleContinue reading “Designing Your Lecture for the 2021 World (and Beyond)”