Entangled pedagogy, design and the messiness of education

In a recently published open access paper on “entangled pedagogy” (Fawns, 2022), I presented a diagram of a few views of the relationship between technology and pedagogy. This was an attempt to show some problems with emphasising one over the other (e.g. putting technology or pedagogy first or last). I sympathise with the desire ofContinue reading “Entangled pedagogy, design and the messiness of education”

Are we forgetting why we teach?  The importance of reflecting on one’s ‘calling’

Teaching academics face a perfect storm, whether it is the precarious work environment or the increasing administrative burdens (e.g. online teaching). In addition, teaching has historically been perceived as a poor cousin to research. In this perfect storm, I believe that proactively and critically reflecting on one’s calling allows the educator to find meaning amongstContinue reading “Are we forgetting why we teach?  The importance of reflecting on one’s ‘calling’”

Academic Hero (学霸)

There are ongoing challenges for both academics and students because of the diversities in tertiary classrooms (Heng, 2021). Chinese international students experience academic stress (Yan & Berliner, 2010) and can struggle to make a successful transition from the Chinese educational system and pedagogical practices into Western tertiary classrooms and learning environments (Jiang & Smith, 2009).Continue reading “Academic Hero (学霸)”

Hybrid teaching workshops: upskilling educators to deliver hybrid classes

The challenge The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally challenged teaching and learning practices in higher education. In early 2020, the University of Sydney Business School joined many other institutions in rapidly pivoting to online teaching in response to social distancing requirements. While online and blended delivery modes were practised pre-pandemic, more traditional face-to-face teaching methods wereContinue reading “Hybrid teaching workshops: upskilling educators to deliver hybrid classes”

CLaS light touch project: scaling up educational co-design process

The challenge Connected Learning at Scale (CLaS) is a significant longitudinal project initiated in 2019 by the University of Sydney Business School aiming to enhance the learning experience for students in large undergraduate and postgraduate classes. Three of us work at Business Co-Design, a team of educational developers, learning designers and media producers, who areContinue reading “CLaS light touch project: scaling up educational co-design process”

A Musical Lens on Hybrid Learning

What does music have to do with education? And how might it help us come up with new approaches to thinking about our practice as teachers? While they may look a little different in practice, music and education have many parameters in common. These include duration, pace, dynamics, silence, proximity and gesture, to name aContinue reading “A Musical Lens on Hybrid Learning”

Up to 80% of Uni Students Don’t Read Their Assigned Readings

University course readings are pivotal to advance student knowledge and prepare them for class discussions. Despite this, only 20-30% of students read the assigned materials. Drawing on research findings that help explain this alarmingly low rate, this article offers some strategies to help students engage with their required readings. Over the past two decades educatorsContinue reading “Up to 80% of Uni Students Don’t Read Their Assigned Readings”

Learning Spaces (#ourplace)

#OurPlace2020 was a project that fostered belonging and connection in the Business School community while Covid-19 was changing our world. In April 2020, the Business Co-Design team asked students to connect with others in lockdown by sharing their study spaces. We invited students to share tips for staying motivated via multiple social media channels  withContinue reading “Learning Spaces (#ourplace)”

This is Serious – Humour Enhances Learning

Making your students laugh can help you get your message across in a way that means they may not even realise they’re learning something! There are some non-threatening ways that even the most serious of educators can find their funny. Why use humour in your teaching? There’s quite a bit of evidence that supports theContinue reading “This is Serious – Humour Enhances Learning”

Co-Design Research Group – year in review

As the end of the year approaches, we look back at the events and contributions of our membership to transforming education and the student experience in business. This year our membership grew to 63 members from across the Business School and beyond. As a collective, we have achieved a variety of outputs from journal articles (circaContinue reading “Co-Design Research Group – year in review”

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