How to Make Offshore Students Onshore?

Studying during Covid-19 has proven to be very difficult for staff and students at the University of Sydney Business School. The lock down of the university and the sudden change to online learning mode created lots of stress. In particular, offshore students who are commencing international students and who are not able to come toContinue reading “How to Make Offshore Students Onshore?”

Python + Ed: code for collaborative learning 

The University of Sydney offers a collaborative educational experience between students and lecturers by integrating innovative technologies into the teaching toolkit. The application of Python, a computer programming language, alongside Ed, a digital learning platform, offers the opportunity to enhance the learning experience by improving student engagement. The increased uptake of coding within the UniversityContinue reading “Python + Ed: code for collaborative learning “

Future Makers – Crowdsourcing for Learning

The University of Sydney Business School has piloted crowdsourcing for learning in a 9-week challenge called Future Makers. We invited all students in the School to join an extra-curricular online community. We asked what they think are the critical global, local and personal challenges of the future and how their education can best equip themContinue reading “Future Makers – Crowdsourcing for Learning”

A Day in a Life of a Student Media Producer

Studying media has always been a fascinating experience for me, especially in writing and producing content for different platforms. Media encompasses so many aspects! From radio, television, cinema, newspapers, magazines to Internet-based websites such as blogs, education and so much more (Butcher, 2014). All those aspects of media makes it hard to choose which pathContinue reading “A Day in a Life of a Student Media Producer”

Student Social Isolation and University Life

Most students experience various forms of isolation during their studies. This can be a more or less persistent feeling that impacts students’ wellbeing and/or their capacity to fulfil their study potential. Whether the causes are academic, environmental, socio-cultural or health related, social isolation can be remedied at the point of crisis or as a preventativeContinue reading “Student Social Isolation and University Life”

Media Internship Program (Past, Present, Future)

The Business Co-Design (BCD) team have developed a media internship program to ensure ‘student voice’ is at the heart of what we do, and how we do it.  It is also designed to provide valuable production experience to emerging media makers. The program developed from a small cohort of students who were employed in 2019Continue reading “Media Internship Program (Past, Present, Future)”