Facilitating career skills workshops in Miro: a case study

How might we design and facilitate more engaging, fun and interactive learning experiences with students in an online environment? I wrestled with this question for a long time, especially after hearing from students that they are struggling with online lectures after the prolonged period of remote study. Then I came across Miro and see soContinue reading “Facilitating career skills workshops in Miro: a case study”

Learning Design, Student Choice

How to design engaging online environments where students choose activities and their own path through learning? This is what our team set out to discover, well before COVID-19 and lockdown hit higher education.   If you’ve used Canvas before, you’ll know that it is structured in a modular,  sequential way.  That structure is sometimes limiting. Students rarely start at the same point and progress in a linear way from learning outcomes to a teacher-definedContinue reading “Learning Design, Student Choice”